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Journey Deeper into the "Heart of God"

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest – a divine promise that lies at the core of our mission. In welcoming you to CAYA Baptist Church of Orlando, we invite you to discover the endless depth of God's love, to find solace in His promises, and to join a family united in faith, hope, and love. Welcome to a place where God's word illuminates our lives, drawing us ever closer to Him

CAYA Baptist Church Ministries Faith in Action

Discover a vibrant community at CAYA Baptist Church Ministries, where we connect through engaging youth programs, uplifting music, impactful outreach, and enriching studies. Embrace, empower, and engage with us in a journey of faith, hope, and love

Building Together The CAYA Baptist Church Fundraiser

Support our mission to make a difference. The CAYA Church Fundraiser fuels projects for community uplift and growth. Every contribution counts towards a brighter, more inclusive future. Join us, contribute, and watch us transform together

Worship at CAYA Lift Every Voice

Experience the power of collective worship at CAYA. Join us in heartfelt praise and prayer, connecting with the divine and each other in profound unity

Meet Our Shepherd Rev. Cansky Masson🧡

At the core of CAYA Baptist Church is Reverend Cansky Masson, a dedicated leader of faith, hope, and love. Rev. Masson passionately nurtures spiritual growth and champions a welcoming, inclusive community. His sermons deeply explore Gospel truths while addressing today's societal challenges, urging us to enact our faith in meaningful ways. Active beyond the pulpit, he advocates for the marginalized and leads initiatives that uplift our community. Join us to experience his inspirational guidance as we journey toward a promising and purposeful future.

Upcoming Events

Discover what’s happening at Caya Baptist Church! Browse our event calendar for worship services, fellowship opportunities, and more. Everyone is welcome to join us in celebration and community

Serve and Impact

Be a part of something greater. Our community and outreach events provide opportunities to serve others and make a positive impact, both locally and globally

Connect with Community

Experience the warmth and fellowship of our church family. Our events offer a welcoming environment where you can form lasting bonds and feel a sense of belonging

Grow in Faith

Deepen your spiritual journey through our varied worship services, Bible studies, and prayer meetings. Each event is designed to enrich your faith and understanding of God’s Word

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Welcome to CAYA!

Watch Our Latest Sermons & Worship

Explore the spirit and teachings of Caya Baptist Church from anywhere. Our video library is updated regularly with the latest sermons and worship services, providing you with inspiration and guidance on your faith journey

This Week's Morning Sermon Live

Start your week inspired. Catch the latest sermon from Caya Baptist Church every Monday morning, full of wisdom and guidance to help you navigate the week ahead with faith and purpose

APRIL 14 2024 

Reflect on our April 14th sermon where we explored the theme of 'Renewal Through Faith' as we approach the Easter season. Dive into this insightful message that encourages personal growth and spiritual rejuvenation

This Week's Worship & Praise Live

"Yahweh" Led by Ginette Pierre at CAYA Baptist Church

Immerse yourself in 'Yahweh,' a powerful worship anthem led by Ginette Pierre, captured live during our CAYA Baptist Church Praise & Worship session. Experience the uplifting spirit and divine inspiration as we praise together in unity and faith

Jezi ou ki renmen mwen" Led by Chrislene Decaillon at CAYA Baptist Church

Experience the soul-stirring performance of 'Jezi ou ki renmen mwen' by Chrislene Decaillon, captured live at our CAYA Baptist Church Praise & Worship. Feel the profound love and grace as we celebrate together through this heartfelt hymn of devotion and praise.

J'ai compris que dans ta présence" Led by Chrislene Decaillon at CAYA Baptist Church Description

Dive into the divine atmosphere with 'J'ai compris que dans ta présence,' beautifully delivered by Chrislene Decaillon during our Praise & Worship session at CAYA Baptist Church. This song invites us into a deeper understanding and connection with God’s presence, enriching our spirits and uniting our community in worship

This Week's Worship & Praise Live

Senye pa gen pi bon kote pou m rete" Led by Sonia Masson at CAYA Baptist Church

Join us in experiencing 'Senye pa gen pi bon kote pou m rete,' a heartfelt performance by Sonia Masson during our CAYA Baptist Church Praise & Worship session. This song beautifully expresses the joy and peace found in the presence of the Lord, encouraging us to cherish our spiritual sanctuary

Senye londwi mwen chak" Led by Sonia Masson at CAYA Baptist Church

Experience the moving rendition of 'Senye londwi mwen chak' by Sonia Masson, presented during our Praise & Worship session at CAYA Baptist Church. This powerful song calls us to reflect on God’s guidance in our daily lives, inspiring us with its message of trust and divine leadership

Ala yon mèveye mèveye jou" Led by Ginette Pierre at CAYA Baptist Church

Delve into the joyous celebration of 'Ala yon mèveye mèveye jou,' exquisitely performed by Ginette Pierre at our CAYA Baptist Church Praise & Worship. This uplifting song highlights the beauty and blessing of each day given by God, inviting all to rejoice and give thanks in His glorious presence
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Naître pour grandir Unleashing Church Potential

Matériel protégé par le droit d'auteur
Naître pour grandir

Ce manuel de motivation chrétienne, n'est pas écrit pour vous
embrouiller, et pas non plus pour vous faire perdre votre temps
si précieux. Il est écrit dans le but d'apporter un plus, celui
d'aider tous ceux qui s'intéressent à servir Dieu dans une église
locale. VoilĂ  !

N'y a-t-il pas un grand nombre d'ouvrages qui ont été déjà
écrits avec pour toile de fond « La croissance de l'Eglise locale
? N'y a-t-il pas des conférences et des séminaires, organisés
dans le but de former, d'Ă©duquer les


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