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Meet Our Leaders 

Our leaders are made up of dedicated, focused and experienced Individuals. With one another along side our members worldwide our knowledge and experience dwells together to create a difference by teaching, encouraging and evangelizing souls into salvation of Jesus Christ.
Cansky Masson, Senior Pastor
Rev. Cansky Masson
Reverend Cansky Masson is a faithful servant of God. He is a dedicated teacher of the word of God. Pastor Masson is a father to seven children and blessed with a beautiful wife of over 30 years. He's been Senior Pastor of CAYA Baptist Church of Orlando for over seven years.
Sonia Masson, Worship Team & Women Ministries Leader
As the Woman Ministry and Worship Leader at CAYA, it’s my heart’s desire to worship and praise God with everything within me. What He has done in my life is beyond understanding. I’m honored to be married to an amazing Man of God and truly blessed to be a mother of seven children. I can spend so much time explaining all of what God has done in my life, but instead I shall continue to be show everyone how good and pleasant it is to serve the Lord.
Jackson Antoine, Chairman
I'm a servant of God, a husband and a father. I believe everyone is born to serve a purpose. What drives me everyday is my desire to accomplish my purpose. I know when I finally meet my Savior Jesus-Christ, He is going to say to me, “ Well done, my faithful servant.” I enjoy learning and  reading self-development, leadership,and spiritual books. It's my heart's desire to help others. I love being a part of CAYA because together we will achieve more. 
Miriam Masson 
Children Ministry Teacher/ Youth Leader/Media Assistant of CAYA Baptist Church
I’m a living testimony of God’s unfailing mercy, grace and love. He never left me even when I dwelled in darkness. His faithfulness to me has changed my life. In result, there’s been an inevitable burning desire within me to spread The Gospel to His children who will hear. My purpose is to serve the The One and Only true living God. My mission is to do as Proverbs 22:6 says: -"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it."
Josheleen Masson, Performing Arts Ministry Leader 
My name is Josheleen Masson. The Lord called me to do His work at a young age. I knew that God wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle but He also told me it wouldn’t be easy. When we started I didn’t know about patience or being open to feedback and criticism. I've grown and have learned so much at CAYA. Being the leader of Performing Arts Ministry teaches me so much. I’m truly grateful for that. I was called to be a voice and not a echo.
Yveline Antoine, Bookkeeper 
I'm a child of God who has been privileged to serve as the Bookkeeper at CAYA. I'm happily married with two wonderful children . I believe I was born to lead by example. Therefore, I strive everyday to become the best version of myself , as intended by Christ. As the bookkeeper , I maintain the financial records of the church which include both income and expenses . I shall remain a golden vessel in God's kingdom until He calls me home .
Jefflyne Desilme, President of Usher Dept. 
As a humble servant of God, it's an honor to serve Him as the President of the Usher Ministry at CAYA. I'm also a student. As a student, I strive to develop the passion that God has planted in me; to help others. Although I am not, I consider myself as a mother to my younger sisters. My family is one of my top priorities. I'm friendly, compassionate and dedicated. God has a plan for us all, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for my life.
Slovenson M., Director of Media
Since childhood, I've been fascinated by technology. Little did I know that would be my gift God has blessed me with to help spread His Word around the world. Understanding my role in Media has made me feel even the more honored to do my part for the glory of God.
Belinda Adderley, Inventory Control Leader
I was called to be part of a great kingdom where God is revealing to me His beauty and sovereignty every day. My maker has blessed me to be a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend to many, both physically and spiritually. While still having a long journey ahead, I believe I'm walking in my purpose and fulfilling God’s plan for my life. I enjoy fellowship with good spirited people and spending time with friends and family. It was not always this way, but these days my desire is to please God, my Father in heaven in all that I do. It's because of Him that my name and life has changed. 

To Him alone I give all the glory!
Melissa Decaillon Secretary 
My name is Melissa, and I have been a part of CAYA for over six years now. My journey at CAYA has been blessed. From being a part of the worship team, to being an assistant to the Youth Leader to now the secretary of CAYA Baptist Church of Orlando. I’m truly humbled of what God has done in my life. My heart is for God, and my purpose is to serve Him. The more I walk with Him, the more in love I fall with Him. May God continue to have His way in my life.
Marie Bazile Health Ministry 
At CAYA, I oversee COVID-19 Health Ministry. This Ministry assures every member that enters the doors of CAYA Baptist Church is SAFE! We require everyone to wear a mask ??, as well as check temperatures. Those that come to worship with us washes their hands and use hand sanitizer. We enforce guidelines of distance protocol. Our ministry also receives updates regularly regarding CDC Covid-19 to keep everyone informed.
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